The answers to the FAQs are not legally binding, they are given only as an information and are a summary of the general terms and conditions of insurance. Please check and download this document from this website.

1. Who is covered with my bank card?

The persons insured with your bank card are:
- the Holder of the Insured bank card, his/her spouse, common-law partner,
- his/her single children under age of 25, and if appropriate, children born during the coverage period.
- his/her adopted children single, under age of 25, till the date of the French adoption judgment civil registry notification
- the children of divorced or separated parents, who are not fiscally attached to the owner of the credit card.
- the ascendants or descendants in direct line, persons living with the owner of the insured card, under the terms of the contract 196A Bis from the CGI (holders of a disability card as stipulated in article L.241-3 of the French Family Code in the Ministry of Social Action and Family), or fiscally attached, or law maintenance paid to allow a tax reduction.
- the grandchildren, single, under age of 25, will only be covered if left with their grandparents, owners of the insured card and exclusively during the trip.If you are holding a Business or Corporate card, you are the only coverage beneficiary of this card.

2. What are the main exclusions of my bank card insurance and assistance contract?

The exclusions of the insurance terms and conditions include:
- epidemics or infectious diseases of sudden onset including Covid-19 Coronavirus,
- the Insured willful misconduct;
- the insured's suicide or suicide attempt;
- fights, crimes, bets, insurrections, rebellions, demonstrations, riot, unless under self defense or to assist a person in danger, or during his/her professional activity;
- civil or foreign wars and their consequences ;
- pregnancy complications known before the departure for the trip.Are also excluded expenses engaged without prior agreement from Europ'Assistance or not expressly stated in the present Information Notice.

3. Under which conditions can I benefit from the insurance coverage of my bank card?

To benefit from the cancellation and trip interruption insurance coverage of your bank card, you must :
- have paid the full amount of the trip with the bank card
- be in an Insured status;
- travel for a maximum of 180 consecutive days.

4. Under which conditions can I benefit from the assistance coverage of my bank card?

To benefit from the repatriation assistance and medical expenses abroad coverage of your bank card, you must : be in an Insured status; travel for a maximum of 90 consecutive days. Your bank card must be valid at the time of your assistance request. Holding the card is sufficient to benefit from the assistance coverage of your bank card.

5. Am I covered by my Social Security System when I travel to Europe, one of the member states of the European Union /European Economic Area (EU/EEA) or Switzerland?

Before your departure, you will need to ask for your European Insurance Health Card (CEAM) from your Social Security. This card will provide coverage for the medical expenses depending on the rules and legislation of your host country.

6. How to get a travel insurance or assistance certificate ?

To download your certificates, please go to the « Get a certificate » section or click here .
If you cannot access this section, one of the following has occurred:
- your bank card has expired. In such case, you can declare your new card in your personal account
- your present card does not include any travel coverage.

7. Who is covered with my bank card car rental coverage?

If you hold a Visa Premier or Infinite card, the persons insured with the Car rental coverage are:
- the holder of the insured card,
- any person appointed as a driver on the car rental contract and traveling with the card holder.

8. Do I have to take out additional insurance if I rent a car and pay for my rental with my bank card?

If you hold a Visa Premier or Infinite card, it already includes the damage waiver buyout insurance in European countries:
- in case of damage to the vehicle following a collision [codes: CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), DEW (Damaged Extended Waiver), LDW (Loss Damage Waiver)]
- in case of theft [codes: TP (Theft Protection), TPC (Theft Protection Coverage)].
In some countries such as the United States, Canada or South Africa, personal liability as a driver of a rental vehicle is not covered.
It is therefore recommended to buy LIA (Liability Insurance Automobile), or LIS / SLI (Liability Insurance Supplement) insurance there.

9. Can I benefit from a special rate for the car rental coverage?

If you hold a Visa Premier card, you will find the special rates for your bank card by clicking on this link.
If you have an Infinite Card, you may contact the Conciergerie at +33 01 47 92 50 60.

10. Which number should I dial to contact the insurance and the assistance ?

The number to dial to contact the insurance and the assistance is written on the back of your bank card.